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Branded SMS
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SMS Messaging has become a globally adopted system for communication. It provides simplicity to just open a message, read, and reply. It enables one to target a specific group of people for specific content that will help to communicate and business can easily be a boost. You can send a message to one of your customers or supplier or colleague quickly with a text message without having to worry about the formality of other means of communication.

Moreover, through bulk SMS, time can be saved because it can be sent to a large number or group of people at one time with valuable content which may be appropriate for a recipient. SMS Messaging is more towards personal messaging as everyone keeps cellphones with themselves so it is quite easy to catch their attention by personalizing contact with customers.

What is Branded SMS Messaging?

Branded SMS is a system of messaging from brands where SMS messages are delivered from alphanumeric names with few special characters allowed e.g. IISOL, GOP, ADIDAS, LEVIS, Study Abroad, ATCO, IISOL-DEMO, IISOL99, etc.

Branded SMS Software or branded SMS applications or branded SMS portal or masking SMS or corporate SMS or Bulk SMS software or bulk messaging software or web messaging software are the various terms used in industry to understand Branded SMS messaging.


What is Branded SMS Software / Application / Portal?

Branded SMS software also commonly known as branded SMS portal or bulk messaging software or Corporate SMS software or Masking SMS Software are an online/offline software application to send single/bulk Branded SMS messages. This software usually has a web-based interface and does not require a GSM modem or GSM phone. Hundreds and thousands of SMS can be delivered within seconds thus saving a huge time besides adding a powerful layer in corporate communication.


Advantages / Uses of Branded SMS

The key benefits of SMS communication are quicker, shorter, direct, secure & pervasive which do not need to be downloaded or updated. Further SMS messaging is comparatively safer from spams and junk files like email.

Branded SMS is all about marketing and communication in building a better relationship with the personals, colleagues & customers. SMS messages are popularly known as soft modes of communication thus giving the sender all the advantages of soft & lighter communication.  SMS messaging had a potential impact on business and can be actively used in several departments including business operations, sales & support, marketing & operations, human resource & accounts, etc.


What is IISOL Clientele?

II SOLUTIONS (IISOL) is one of the most reputable name in Pakistan working on SMS software & technologies with the principle office in Karachi. The company is serving and had served hundreds of clients across Pakistan including business from Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Hyderabad, and a dozen more. IISOL is popularly recognized as the oldest company to build solutions in SMS technologies in Pakistan. Pl click to view IISOL clientele.


How to activate my account? What is the procedure?

At IISOL, we take 1-2 days for account activation after document approval. Below is the procedure.

  • Finalize the Branded ID e.g. MyCompany
  • Select a package. Click here to download
  • Submit documents (masking request, authority letter)
  • Make the payment after document approval
What are Masking Limitations?

SMS Masking or Branded ID can be of a maximum of 11 characters. Masking can be Alpha, Alpha Numeric with few special characters allowed (dot & dash & space) e.g. IISOL, IISOL99, IISOL-DEMO, IISOL PAK, etc.


What are Branded SMS Packages?

At IISOL, we had designed various Branded/Corporate/Masking SMS packages based on volume. The higher you buy the cheaper the rates will be. Download Proposals or call/WhatsApp 0302-2211112


What Is SMS Delivery Rate?

SMS delivery rate is proportional to the quality of data. Common SMS delivery failures are because of SMS promotional blockage, mobile network portability MNP, out of coverage, phone off, short number, long numbers, invalid numbers, etc. Few operators have also enforced time filter which disallows SMS delivery in night timings.


Is My Data private?

Your data is your data and will remain be yours. At II SOLUTIONS we believed that every single number transmitted from our server is the sole property of our customer.


Is My SMS Transmission Guaranteed?

II SOLUTIONS and its principles take no warranty that SMS transmission/broadcast will be uninterrupted and/or error-free from network constraints and interconnectivity.

II SOLUTIONS and its principles make sure that all SMS messages displayed as SENT are actually SENT, however, delivery is the responsibility of third party networks and services, which cannot be guaranteed. II SOLUTIONS and its principles make sure that all messages displayed as DELIVERED are actually DELIVERED to NETWORK.

Branded SMS Portal


All SMS accounts come with built-in API with additional details for SMS API integration. An example is below.



WEB SERVER DATAProvided to you by Reseller
SMSC DOMAIN/IPsms.iisol.pk
TEST MOBILE NO923001234567
TEST TEXTSMS text for Testing

All SMS broadcasts are subject to PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Regulation. SPAM, SCAM, ABUSIVE, SEXUAL, OBNOXIOUS, ILLEGAL, HARASSING, THREATENING, DISCRIMINATING, POLITICAL & UNLAWFUL SMS will result in account termination without notice.