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Customer Relationship
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an method to handling the relationship of a organization with existing and future clients. This uses data analysis about the past of consumers with a brand to strengthen consumer relationships with clients, concentrating primarily on customer retention and eventually increasing growth in revenue.

One essential feature of the CRM strategy is the CRM systems that collect data from a multitude of various communication networks, including the company’s website, mobile, fax, live chat, publicity materials and, most recently, social networking. Via the CRM method and the tools used to make it easy for companies to know more about their target markets and how to better serve their desires.

Customer relationship management


The CRM database contains the customer details that you have collected, processed and evaluated through the client experience management system. Such data equips the CRM with the
potential to provide the customers with major advantages.

The details of the CRM database will be:

lead sources: based on the point of communication from which the client has approached the organization (website, social network, e-mail program, etc.), the CRM will correctly retain the lead source.

All communications with the client, like the last time you met, the last time they sent reviews, the last time they sent a email, etc.

Both the buying history of all the consumers.

Other details such as the names of the children of the clients (or their pets), their preferred interests, their ideal travel destination or some other sensitive detail that you think will help you sustain a safe, long-term friendship.

A level of commitment; e.g. the last time they were in contact with the client or the last time they checked the company’s website.

With this info, a business can not only recognize the desires and preferences of its clients, but can also classify and evaluate the best leads or the most active buyers. In addition, a organization may also predict its revenues and build segmented communication plans and promotions.

Customer relationship management


Capture the way. Easily log all leads, including the reference source, so that you can monitor the success of your advertisements. Manage such leads use built-in follow-up alerts and communications resources such as email, SMS and fax combine. Register your correspondence and turn enquiries to customers and affiliates by merely offering one of the products, programs or memberships.

Manage customers and representatives of the group. Create a full profile for your customers and have it at your disposal so that you can provide a reliable and cost-effective service.

  • Customized User View & Information Enquiry
  • Customizable invoice / receipt / statement models for company financial control
  • Form letters, email, SMS, mail integrate
  • Trace of communications
  • Reminders for follow-up
  • Track connections & lead references
  • Customer Images
  • Categories, company group & note & enquiry information
  • Track Health and Development
  • Classification of Martial Arts System (NEW)
  • Operation of Paper & Documentation
  • Company File & Library model


Such modules will allow you:

  • Conduct follow-up calls, emails, sms, and direct meetings.
  • Align follow- calls, emails, sms and lead meetings.
  • Set up alerts for follow-up, calls and meetings.


Sales orders are internal records created after a sales order has been issued. They are used to help the selling department monitor all the goods and services that should be made, delivered to the consumer. Sales orders can include selling order number, purchasing order, regular invoices, billing and delivery details, including merchandise, costs and taxes.

Purchases orders are identical to quotations, but reflect reported purchases. Purchase requests are also provided to consumers to validate purchases.


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