IISOL | SMS Reporting
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Flexible and effective solutions are available for businesses and industries by implementing the proper technology. However it is difficult to find the most proper technology that ensures fast, real-time and two-way communication in everyday life and even in critical business or industrial cases.

SMS reporting solutions make work flow seamless and efficient by allowing immediate intervention. In everyday life SMS reporting systems make life easier as it provides various information for people. So you will be able to send SMS alerts, notifications, but newsletters, or even weather reports to mobile phones to broaden your services offered to people.

Recently IISOL launched IISOL reporting system. It is a mobile technology based Sales Force Management System for Pharmaceutical Companies. It allows linking all sales field personnel across the country with the Head office. IISOL reporting system provides valuable information on Daily visits to Doctors, Chemists, etc. It also provides instant information on Stocks of Samples / Giveaways with Reps.

IISOL reporting system is also an ideal software to develop and maintain an online Doctor ’s Database.


  • Password Protected Web Application
  • Contact and Service details of Medical Representatives
  • Comprehensive Database of Doctors for Contact and Relationship Management
  • Details of Chemists
  • Mapping of Doctors and Chemists to MRs
  • Issue of Samples/Giveaways to MRs with history management
  • Submission of Daily Call Reports via SMS with details
  • Doctors Met
  • Doctors ’Prescription Tendency &Preferences
  • Focused Products Detailing
  • Samples/Giveaways Stock Management and Issuance History
  • Chemists Met, etc.
  • Online Scheduling of MRs visit & Analysis of Itinerary Vs Actual Visit
  • Analysis of Doctor Calls and Products Promotion.
  • Doctors Database Management.
  • Eliminates conventional paper culture and connects Pharma Sales Force online through SMS and Web.
  • User friendly formats for SMS and online MIS Reports.