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Web Hosting


What is Amazon Web Services ?

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is a virtual web hosting service used by most businesses nowadays. Amazon established the hosting service in 2002, using a cloud-based approach to hosting. AWS is a popular choice among top corporations all over the world since it overcomes the various challenges that traditional web hosting services confront. AWS is a cost-effective and secure solution to configure, create, and manage a website, in addition to being extremely user-friendly.

Amazon Web Hosting AWS
Amazon Web Hosting Services in Pakistan

What role does IISOL play?

Having a web presence is becoming increasingly vital with global businesses. We chose to dig further into not only the user experience when it comes to web hosting, but also what you’ll need to have a strong online presence for your company. Many web hosting businesses may be inexpensive, but their servers are located in foreign countries, resulting in poor customer service, slow websites, and frequent outages.

We established our cloud hosting platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and by understanding the needs and expectations of our customers in order to develop a successful online business with a better customer experience. We want to make sure your business is constantly up and operating so you don’t miss out on possibilities, so we guarantee 99.99 percent uptime. We provide you with advise that most web hosting providers lack, and we work with you to create and grow your online presence so you may get a competitive advantage in your business.

Hosted On Amazon

We host your website on the world’s most powerful Infrastructure as a Service provider.

99.99% Uptime

Because we understand the importance of your website to your success, we thrive on keeping our customers up and running.

Powerful Support

Consider us part of your family. We take pleasure in our customer service, and we’ll be there in a flash if you need assistance.


We assist you in keeping your files and information safe within our reinforced DCs in an age where data is money.

Secured online, protected offline

Threats can take many different forms, both online and offline. As a result, when it comes to security, we leave nothing to chance.

2-way firewall

Our two-way firewall protects both network entry and exit ports, giving you two-way protection.

We’re looking out for you

Whether you’re sleeping or awake, we’re always on the lookout for you. No threat will ever get past our defences.

Intelligent protection

Antivirus defence is overused; now is the time for our AI and machine learning-powered antispyware/antimalware software.



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